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We Believe

We believe the definition of success is unique to each client,
Therefore, establishing your vision of success is core to our process.

We believe the urgent stands in the way of the important,
Therefore, we build long term plans dealing with the foundational issues you face.

We believe markets can’t be timed,
Therefore, we will recommend to you a broad asset allocation portfolio, value investing and an individual investment policy statement.

We believe good employees are a critical asset,
Therefore, your employee benefit program will be individually constructed.

We believe a business family is more important than a family business,
Therefore, our solutions are designed around the needs of your family as well as your business.

All good planning must consider tax efficiency,
Therefore, you can expect us to seek out and recommend tax effective strategies for investing, wealth management,
and business structures.


Our Philosophy

At McConnell Risk Management, we help our clients by realigning their financial expenditures with their core values. What does this mean? In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with opportunities to spend our money. Unfortunately, this “desire based” spending may leave you in a situation where there really isn’t enough left over at the end of the day to take care of the things that are really important to you. We help you uncover these important things, then develop a plan to ensure they do not get left behind.

We also work with you to identify certain risks that may roadblock your plan. You then select the risks you deem most important and together we design a solution that mitigates or eliminates their potential impact.

Throughout the planning process we apply high level, unbiased, independent quality advice to ensure you have a secure financial future.